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Data & Bandwidth Optimization
Logically, an Internet backup service is limited by network bandwidth and server capacity. How can thousands of users expect optimal access for their data backup and recovery? They can with First Backup! First Backup employs several unique technologies designed to optimize data transfer throughput and storage requirements. First Backup manages the optimization of your critical data by utilizing these advanced technologies in concert.

Binary Patching and Incremental Backup Technology
First Backup utilizes a unique Binary Patching and incremental backup technology process to extract the actual changes that occur within files and send only these changes to the First Backup server. This technology significantly reduces the amount of data that must be sent and stored on the server as much as 85% to 99%. Extensive error checking is performed during the construction of the backup, and also when the data is uploaded to the server, to ensure ultimate integrity of the transmitted data.
This optimization process manipulates files at the binary level, enabling First Backup to process any file type without error. Utilizing this revolutionary technology enables First Backup subscribers to accomplish a daily incremental backup by uploading only the changes that have been made to their data files - with binary level precision! The result is significantly less data being sent over the wire, and substantially reduced bandwidth requirements.

If you're skeptical about the reliability of the binary patching technology, don’t be. This advanced technology has been the only choice for IBM, Microsoft, Novell, and many other hardware and software companies needing to update commercially distributed software. First Backup tightly integrates this existing technology into a high performance backup application.

While many backup services offer a Delta Block Differential Technology, DON’T BE FOOLED! Comprehensive studies have clearly shown that the advanced Binary Patching technology utilized in First Backup significantly reduces bandwidth and server storage requirements. The older Delta Block Differential method, utilized by other backup services, can not come close to the optimizations in First Backup.

A filter consists of a collection of file types that can be “included” or “excluded” from a backup set. A single filter can be applied to multiple directories, and directories can contain more than one filter. Whenever a backup is performed, the filters are evaluated and files are included and excluded based on the filter properties. First Backup provides some predefined filters that can be downloaded and run with the client application. Additional filters can be easily created and managed with the Filter Wizard. Use of filters enables a First Backup subscriber to optimize the amount of data sent to the server by selecting only the file types necessary for backup.

Backup Sets
Backup sets are used to allow one or more collections of files to backup at different times. For example, one backup set could be created for accounting data, and another set for important data that may change daily. A user may want to backup their important data daily or even hourly, while the accounting data might only be backed up at the end of the week or end of the month. Backup sets are a combination of selected directories, individual selected files, and directories with filters. By utilizing backup sets, First Backup subscribers have more control over their data and the efficiencies of their backups.

Backups can be performed at specific intervals by using schedules. While there are many scheduling options, schedules can be easily created by using the Schedule Backup Wizard.

Data Compression
Full backup files, as well as old versions of files that are used in the incremental binary patching backup process, are compressed to save space. The time it takes to do a backup is affected by the time it takes to compress the backup files. The slower the compression speed, the smaller (or more efficient) the file which is produced. First Backup enables our customers to adjust the compression efficiency to meet their individual requirements.

Redundant File Optimization
Many corporations have devised a standard installation for every desktop to minimize technical support. In addition, organizations may share common files (sales presentations, price lists, etc) that may also be stored locally on each desktop. Since these programs and files are readily available, the backup software can be configured to backup only the files that are unique to each user. This is accomplished by using the Redundant File features, which will automatically exclude the standard files from the backup set. This optimization can significantly reduce the total storage space required on the server and increase the speed of each user’s backup. When it comes time to recover from a hard drive failure, the standard image is combined with all of the unique files that have been backed up to quickly rebuild the user’s entire computing environment.

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