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I used to have problems getting good reliable backups of the laptops data, since they were never on the network. Now FB does the backup for me when the laptops are online - and I don't have to worry about it anymore. Great time saver!!

- Craig R, North Carolina

"I have been using FirstBackup for a number of years - it's my security blanket - wouldn't be without it!"

- Ted H, Iowa

"I have been using your service for some time now and you have always been there for me. Before I was told about your service I lost 3 years of customers information which was very upsetting! After I started using your services it was time for me to upgrade to a new computer and you helped me transfer all my information to my new computer! Also, whenever I really needed to talk to someone...I had a courtesy call from one of your employees. Thanks so much! I appreciate all of you and your services!"

- Tabatha T, Texas

Data Significance

The loss or corruption of critical information such as customer records, inventories, marketing and sales materials, e-mail, financial or employee records could literally cripple an organization. Even larger businesses that allocate significant resources to IT, are vulnerable if they do not manage all of their data properly. Remote offices and the expanding mobile workforce can present several challenges for information security and data backups.

Are You Prepared?

Surprisingly, only a small fraction of corporations or employees backup their critical data properly or store their data securely offsite. Few people believe that any data disaster will happen to them … until it does. And then, unfortunately, it is too late. Accidents will happen: natural disasters, human error, theft, viruses, hackers, power surges and equipment failure. Can you afford to risk the future of your business to data loss?

When data loss occurs, countless hours and thousands of dollars can be spent to recreate data while struggling to maintain customers. The reality is that most businesses do not survive significant data loss. The value of your data becomes evident when you realize what it would take to replace all of those irreplaceable files. How much time and effort would it take each employee to reconstruct their contact database, presentations, spreadsheets, e-mails, financial records, forecasts, expense logs and proposals? The time, effort, aggravation, and monetary costs to recreate this data can be unbearable.

Backups - The Old-Fashioned Way

For those few companies who perform regular backups, many utilize dated technology to safeguard their critical data. They utilize un-encrypted discs and tapes, which are rarely cataloged properly and seldom stored offsite in a secure location. It’s important to understand that if your data is not encrypted and stored securely, you have only made it more accessible for a competitor or disgruntled employee. Although you think you are protecting your investment, your risk and liability have increased dramatically by pre-packaging your critical data and making it accessible.

Doing backups the old fashioned way dramatically increases your cost too. It takes time, money and resources to load and schedule backups, change disks and tapes, and transport them to a secure facility. What’s more costly is that your data is no longer easily accessible. When a data loss occurs, your data is off-site in an unknown condition. To ensure your data is actually restorable, you must test all of your backups to ensure they are cataloged properly, un-damaged and un-corrupted. The fact is: most businesses that do their own tape backups, know that data restoration from tape is not reliable. Therefore, they are actively looking for a more cost effective, reliable and secure backup solution.

Nearly 80% of all data is stored on PCs, not on corporate servers. This year, the majority of our workforce will store their critical data on mobile PCs. How often does the data on your mobile PCs get backed-up? How much will it cost if you lose the data on just one of those PCs? A data security solution for Mobile PCs is a requirement for any 21st century organization.

The First Backup Solution

Now there’s a simple, cost-effective data backup and recovery solution that provides ultimate security, requires no additional hardware, gives you 24x7 access to your data from virtually anywhere, and does all of the work for you – automatically. With First Backup your critical data is backed-up regularly, automatically, efficiently, and securely to one of our redundant, mirrored data centers over the Internet. And you can retrieve your data just as easily and efficiently.

To optimize network bandwidth, First Backup utilizes a proven incremental bit backup technology that only backs up the changes made to your files since the last backup. Now, backups can be completed in a few minutes each day, in the background, regardless of your Internet performance.

To further protect your data, First Backup utilizes the most secure data transfer and storage encryption algorithm available, with 448-bit encryption - and only you hold the key.

It’s So Easy

FirstBackup automatically backs up your servers, desktop, or mobile users to our secure online data centers. FirstBackup Professional adds built-in support to backup all open files, system state, Live SQL, Exchange and Active Directory databases too! All data is encrypted during transmission, storage and retrieval, so it's totally secure.

With First Backup, data backup operations are effectively outsourced and automated, allowing your valuable personnel to focus on core business issues instead of exhaustive data support tasks.

First Backup couldn’t be easier to use. It virtually eliminates all of the anxiety, productivity issues, resource costs and risk associated with managing your information. First Backup also eliminates expenditures for backup tapes, disks, external drives, or other backup related equipment. Your data files are always safe, secure and available – 24x7, with no downtime related to or money spent on technical support.

Cost Effective

With service plans starting at just 10¢ per day, First Backup is by far the most cost-effective data backup and recovery solution on the market. Now you can secure your critical business data and ensure business continuity … and save time, money and resources too.

See How It Works and start protecting your assets today!

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