First Backup - Online Backup Service provides automated, low-cost, secure online backup with on-demand point and click recovery from any computer.  Free Trial!
FirstBackup supports HIPAA compliance through automated off-site data protection with on-demand recovery, while ensuring strict data security and confidentiality.    
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"This is a great service at a reasonable price."

- Pavel K, Mississippi

"Service has been good, and prices are very good!"

- Heidi N, Raleigh

"I have been very pleased with your service, and your pricing structure. I had tried other services [omitted], and was not pleased at all."

- Scott S, Nashville

First Backup is the most cost-effective data protection and recovery service available - period. Whether you are an individual PC user or an IT Director in a multi-million dollar corporation, our services will secure your data and dramatically reduce your overall cost of computer ownership.

FirstBackup Subscription Plans
Online Storage
~9% disc
  2 GB   $ 4.49   $ 49.00      
  5 GB   $ 7.29   $ 79.00      
  10 GB   $ 11.99   $ 129.00      
  25 GB   $ 27.49   $ 299.00      
  50 GB   $ 49.99   $ 549.00      
  100 GB   $ 89.99   $ 999.00      
  150 GB   $ 119.99   $ 1299.00      
  250 GB   $ 159.99   $ 1699.00      
  500 GB   $ 269.99   $ 2999.00      
  1000 GB   $ 499.99   $ 5499.00      
  Add Ons (configured during registration)  
  Additional Computers/Users   $ 2.75 each   $ 25 each      
All Plans Include

Open File
  System State


Active Directory
  See our Billing Examples for more details  

What is PAYGO?

Don't know your storage requirements? No Problem! Select our PAYGO (Pay-As-You-GO) Freedom Plan. Each month we'll monitor your storage and charge you for what you use. We even average your usage over the month to smooth out any storage volume spikes. See plan table above for Monthly Subscription rates.

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15-Day Free online data backup Trial
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To demonstrate just how easy it is to get started protecting your valuable information, we’re offering a 15-day FREE Trial with up to 1GB of compressed storage!

At any time during your Free Trial, if you like the ease of use and unparalleled protection FirstBackup delivers, simply login to your account @ and convert your Free Trial to any of our value-packed subscription plans. Warning: You may become overwhelmed by instant peace of mind and the joy of knowing that your data is safe from potential disaster.

On the other hand, if you prefer to live life on the edge, take no action. When your Free Trial expires, your account will be automatically closed and your data will remain at risk.

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