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ALL Subscriptions are automatically renewed (unless explicitly canceled) by the account administrator.

Single vs Multiple Computer Accounts

Configurations where ALL of the data is managed on a single computer (or server) are single computer accounts - regardless of the number of PCs or workstations on the network. If you need to backup your server as well as data from other computers, you will need to add multiple computers to your account.

Note: Your computers, servers, and notebooks do not need to be co-located to share a First Backup account. As such, multiple office locations can save big by combining backups into a single First Backup account. See also Corporate, Multi-PC and Server Accounts.

PAYGO (Pay-As-You-Go) Subscriptions

EASY - If you don’t want to estimate your storage requirements, number of computers, or pre-pay for services, Select PAYGO during account registration. PAYGO allows you to backup as many computers and as much data as you want. We’ll measure your storage and bill your account at the end of your monthly term (based on our low monthly rates). What could be easier than that?

Pre-paid Subscriptions

SAVE $ - Select a specific Pre-paid Subscription Plan and Term to be paid in advance. Pricing is based on the total storage required + a small fee for each additional computer requiring backup. Consider an office with 50 desktop workstations* and 3 servers (where all data is kept on the servers), plus 2 office PCs and 20 mobile notebook PCs also requiring backup. The total space requirement for all of the data is 40GB. Therefore, a Pre-paid Subscription with 40GB of storage and 25 computers on an Annual Term would be: $90 for the 1st server/GB + (39 additional GBs x $25) + (2 additional servers x $25) + (2 additional PCs x $25) + (20 additional notebooks x $25) = $1,665.

* The desktop workstations are not counted because their data is managed and backed-up from the server.

Excess Storage Fees (apply to Pre-paid Subscriptions Only)

If your storage space requirements exceed your Pre-paid Subscription Plan, you will be alerted with instructions for upgrading your plan.

In addition, FirstBackup averages your actual storage and applies any excess storage fees to your account each month. Excess storage fees are calculated by subtracting the subscription fee paid from the subscription plan consumed and prorating it for that month. This excess storage fee is only charged for the months where your actual usage exceeds the storage allowed by your subscription. Of course, if you do not exceed your storage plan, no additional fees are applied.

Monthly Subscription Example:
Subscriber has paid $9/mo for 750MB plan
Actual Usage: Month1 = 1.37GB, Excess = 2GB@$12.75 - $9 Paid = $ 3.75

Quarterly Subscription Example:
Subscriber has paid $21/qtr for 500MB plan
Actual Usage: Month1 = 489MB, Excess = $0
  Month2 = 529MB, Excess = (750MB@$24 - $21 Paid) / 3 = $1.00
  Month3 = 785MB, Excess = (1GB@$27 - $21 Paid) / 3 = $2.00

Annual Subscription Example:
Subscriber has paid $115/yr a 2GB plan
Actual Usage: Month1 = 489MB, Excess = $0
  Month2 = 2.39GB, Excess = (3GB@$140 – $115 Paid) / 12 = $2.08
  Month3 = 1.98GB, Excess = $0

Subscribers who exceed their Pre-paid Storage Plan for 3 consecutive months will be notified and automatically upgraded to the next appropriate storage plan. Likewise, if your storage requirements decrease, we will automatically reduce your plan after 3 consecutive months (applicable to single user accounts only). In any event, you can always login to your account management page and instantly change your backup plan or adjust any of your preferences.

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