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FirstBackup supports HIPAA compliance through automated off-site data protection with on-demand recovery, while ensuring strict data security and confidentiality.    
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Security & Encryption
What good is a backup if it gets lost, destroyed, or stolen? In order to protect your valuable files, First Backup has developed an ultra-secure storage solution.
  • Reliable storage and retrieval of your data is virtually assured through our multiple data centers utilizing diverse Internet backbone connections, a fault tolerant server configuration, and fault tolerant storage arrays mirrored in multiple locations. Even if lightning strikes in two places at the same time, your files are safe and secure. We’ve over-engineered our backup server and storage solution to protect your valuable data… so you can rest easy.
  • First Backup also features the ultimate in secure encryption to protect every subscriber’s data from prying eyes. Encryption is used to provide the Backup Client with a secure means of communicating to Backup Server. In addition, it is used to encrypt (lock) files for secure transmission and storage on the Server. All data, even the file names and directories are encrypted on the Server. Files are also encrypted when they are transmitted for restoration to your computer. Our subscribers select their own user keys and only they have the ability to unlock their data. No one, not even an employee of FirstBackup, has the ability to view your encrypted files. Your data is totally secure with First Backup.
FirstBackup provides our subscribers with the choice of three different encryption algorithms:
  • Secure Blowfish The Blowfish algorithm is a symmetric block cipher that can be used as a drop-in replacement for DES or IDEA. It takes a variable-length key, from 32 to 448 bits, making it ideal for both domestic and exportable use. Blowfish encryption has never been cracked. For more detailed information on the Blowfish cipher, see our Blowfish Encryption White Paper
  • Triple-DES This algorithm uses a 192-bit key length and provides very strong protection. This encryption algorithm is stronger than the encryption commonly used by banks to transfer money.
  • DES This algorithm uses a 128-bit key length and provides strong encryption. For several years, the US government relied on the DES encryption algorithm for all of their secure information exchange. DES is the encryption strength commonly used by banks.
Because the integrity and security of your data is important to you, First Backup offers our customers a choice in advanced security encryption algorithms. Most vendors only offer a single encryption algorithm, typically a 56-bit DES encryption. It is important to note that computer programs are readily available on the Internet that can easily break 56-bit DES encryption. If the security of your data is important to you, you’ll want to make sure that it is protected with any of the most advanced security encryption algorithms, like those offered by First Backup.

For more information regarding encryption technologies, check out our Encryption White Paper.

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